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GKT Trails Lite - Distances and Routes

Have a look at the map below to get an idea as to where the trails will take you. There are a few spots we would like you to take your time to appreciate, so we will have a system where you can clock out of the race for a bit; go for a swim, enjoy the view, or if you are adventurous enough, stop off for a “cold-one”.

Then clock back in and enjoy the trails. These will all be pre-determined spots on each day.

Day 1 - 20km

A short bus ride will take you to the mighty Kei River where you will cross over on the Kei River Ferry. Your run will be starting in the Old Transkei, where you will head towards Trennery’s and Seagulls Hotels, but not before a special and optional stop off for a swim at stunning Gxara Falls, along with a “cold-one”. After leaving Seagulls, you will then run back along the beach to the finish at the Kei River Ferry. From there you have an option of a bus trip back, or you can choose to do an optional 7km back to the finish at Morgan Bay.

Day 2 - 12km

A fun and challenging journey in and around Morgan Bay, up to the Kei Mouth Golf Course, and the back down a fairly steep road - you will thank us we never sent you up the hill, then over the Morgan Bay Beach and then on to the mind-glowingly beautiful Morgan Bay Cliffs, before the final 1km journey back to the finish. 

Day 3 - 13km

The Highlight - a beach run to the Haga Haga Hotel, via Double Mouth, a secret gem just outside of Morgan Bay.  Once at the Haga Haga Hotel, you can stop off for a toasted sandwich, burger and a liquid refreshment. (Remember you can clock in and out here) Plus, on your return, a stop just 1km from the finish on top of the breathtaking Morgan Bay Cliffs.

On Day 2 and 3, there will be a compulsory 10 minute stop, so you can relax and take in the absolutely breathtaking views. Of course Emerald Vale, the local brewery, will be in attendance, just in case you are thirsty….

We are constantly looking for more bits and pieces, but so far we have what we believe to be some unbelievable track offering you a mix of everything.

More details routes as well as .GPX files will be made available closer to race day.