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Great Kei Trek Trail 2021 Overview

Welcome to a brand new Trail event that is bound to whet your appetite. Whether you are a hardcore trail runner or someone who loves to take in the views and the scenery of somewhere new and somewhere different, this is the event for you.

We have been hosting a number of Mountain Bike Tours in the area over a number of years, and all the runners in our group have begged us to put a Trail event together, so here goes nothing.

The Great Kei Trek Trail - make 2021 the “Year of the Trail”. And what a way to do it.

The ORIGINAL version offers three days of Trail, all in the region of 25 - 34km per day.

And if you aren’t up to the long distances, we have introduced The Lite version offering distances from 20km to 12km to 13km

Starting on Friday the 7th and finishing on Sunday the 9th of May, this race will offer you something new and different.

If you choose to fly in from anywhere in the country, we will have buses, courtesy of Luxliner Coaches, a division of Supergroup, waiting to pick you up at the East London Airport on the Thursday and take you to Morgan Bay. And after the fun is over, we will have buses to take you back to the airport on Sunday or Monday.

Fully catered for - yes, 8 meals, and then there are the various accommodation options. From booking your own B&B, to our standard tent with a single mattress,or upgrade to a VIP Tent or even stay at one of the two hotels in Morgan Bay - we have you covered. (Check out our Entry Packages Page)

All three nights will be based at Morgan Bay, so no need to move around.

And as an added bonus and not to confuse things, if you book a tented package for yourself, your running partner can book just a standard entry and stay in your tent at no additional cost - we will even loan them a mattress or a stretcher to sleep on. (Check out our Entry Packages Page)

If you have a non-running partner, and they want to come along for the fun of it, they can stay with you, but will have to purchase a supporters package that includes accommodation and meals.

As far as the Trails go, we have an unbelievable mix of trail, beach, rocky bits, the odd mountain climb or descent, a relaxing piece of road, a fun river crossing on the ferry into the Old Transkei and more.

There are a few spots on the routes we would like you to take your time to appreciate, so we will have a system where you can clock out of the race for a bit; go for a swim, enjoy the view, or if you are adventurous enough, stop off for a “cold-one”. Then clock back in and enjoy the trails.

For the ORIGINAL version, these will all be pre-determined spots on each day.

Day 1 will allow you to stop off for a swim at Gxara Falls, along with a “cold-one”.

Day 2 will be at the infamous Neptune’s Cove, or maybe even The BushPig, just around the corner.

Day 3 will be at the Haga Haga Hotel, so you can stop off for a toasted sandwich, burger and a liquid refreshment.

Clock out, and when you are ready to carry on, clock back in…. Simple.

And of course, no visit to Morgan Bay is ever complete without a stop at the Morgan Bay Cliffs. Here we will have on Day 2 and 3, a compulsory 10 minute stop, so you can relax and take in the absolutely breathtaking views. And Emerald Vale, the local brewery will be in attendance making sure you don’t go thirsty - don’t worry, it’s only about 1km to the finish.

And whatever you do, do not leave on Sunday. Try and book a flight back on Monday as there is going to be a fun After Party on The Deck at the Morgan Bay Hotel. Something not to be missed.

If we have your attention, then spend some time on our website having a look at what the event is all about.

We want it to be fun, challenging and memorable.

After all, our motto is: “Collect Memories, not things”. Check out our GALLERY of pics to further whet your appetite.

See you on Thursday the 6th of May at registration.