Welcome to The 2023 Dolphin Spotter Trail Run, or Walk.

Join us for this truly breathtaking adventure starting on Saturday the 13th and finishing on Sunday the 14th of May, this is a special event that will offer you something different, exciting, and a cut above the rest.

Whether you are a hardcore Trail Runner or Walker, or someone who loves to take in the views and the scenery of somewhere new and somewhere different, this is the event for you.

Morgan Bay has to be one of the most romantic venues in the country, so best you think about bringing someone special.

Beach trails, trips to waterfalls, ferry crossings, stop-offs on the stunning Morgan Bay Cliffs and so much more.

Don’t forget about a visit to the Old Transkei and a visit to some of the hotels in the area.

And to add to this, we have a feast of activities such as a welcome Braai, a trip to Bayview Farm for a Pizza night with live entertainment, and our special “After Party” on Sunday after the run/ walk. If you love your trails and you love a classy environment with loads, of fun, this is definitely for you.

Trail Options

As far as the Trails go, we have an unbelievable mix of trail, beach, rocky bits, the odd mountain climb or descent, a relaxing piece of road, a fun river crossing on the ferry into the Old Transkei and more.

The Original

The ORIGINAL version offers two days of Trail, all in the form of a 30km and 20km run (regret no walkers here).

The “Walkie Talkie”

Then we have The “Walkie Talkie” or Lite version in the form of a 22km and 13km run/ walk.

Entry Packages & Transport

We have various entry and accommodation packages, so be sure to check out the various Entry Package Options – CLICK HERE to find out more.

If you have a non-running partner, and they want to come along for the fun of it, they can stay with you, but will have to purchase a supporters package that includes accommodation and meals.

In Closing

And whatever you do, do not leave on Sunday. Try and book a flight back on Monday as there is going to be a fun After Party on The Deck at the Morgan Bay Hotel. Something not to be missed.

If we have your attention, then spend some time on our website having a look at what the event is all about.

We want it to be fun, challenging and memorable.

After all, our motto is: “Collect Memories, Not Things”.

Check out our GALLERY of pics to further whet your appetite.

See you on Friday the 12th of May at registration at the Morgan Bay Hotel.