Route Overview - Final Routes will be revealed at the end of April, as we have managed to get new landowner approval, and as a result, we are busy cutting brand new trails for you.
Expect a day in the Old Transkei, and expect a day in Morgan Bay and the surrounds.

The “Long One”

Distances and Routes – Runners Only
  • Day 1 30km

The “Walkie Talkie”

  • Day 2 20km
Distances and Routes – Runners & Walkers
  • Day 1 18km
  • Day 2 15km

Water Points

Each day we will have two water points on the route, and these will be manned by the locals who have your best interest at heart. In addition to water, bar-one’s and jellies, expect a few surprises courtesy of the locals.

We guarantee you won’t go hungry or thirsty.

Start Times & Cut-Off Times

Each day we will kick off at 07.30 from the Morgan Bay Caravan Park. We do advise you to get there no later than 07.15 so we can brief you should there be any changes to the route.

As far as Cut-Off times go, we have never yet had to cut off anyone, but for your own safety and wellbeing, each day we will cut you off at 13.00 should you not have finished.


This is not a timed event, nor is it a race. This is all about the “Gees” and enjoying the stunning and breathing views. It’s about getting out into the open, sharing the weekend with someone special, sharing it with friends, some of who you may not have met yet.

And most of all, it’s about experiencing the Eastern Cape Wild Coast, and of course, the awesome Eastern Cape Hospitality.